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My name is Annette Hoj Jensen and I have been a breeder of British Shorthair cats since 1993. My cattery of British Shorthair cats has always been a hobby and will remain so. Our cats and kittens live in full harmony in the house with us as a part of the family.

I grew up in both Switzerland and the US and my passion for pedigreed cats comes from my childhood home where we always had cats. When I chose to move to Denmark, I brought with me a beautiful Abyssinian called Alex. He soon needed a little company and our choice fell on a blue-cream British Shorthair. This led to my interest in showing and breeding.

I live in the countryside in beautiful surroundings and enjoy the silence and nature. My cats enjoy two large volières in the garden – so they can go in and out as they please. I am very selective in regards to whom I sell my kittens to, as I want to ensure the best future and well-being of my cats. I have my own company and work with professional translations and graphic design.

My plans for the future is to move to the beautiful town of Fredericia where I hope to find a cozy new home for all of us!


Diego vom Werreatalstern - magelig kat på trappe

LaChatte, the breed

The British Shorthair cat is the largest breed of shorthaired pedigree cats and an ideal family cat. It is calm, patient and social. The coat is very short with a crispy touch and a thick soft under-wool. It has large open eyes and the colour is a golden deep copper. LaChatte British Shorthair breeds only self-blue which is the original colour of the breed. Since its origin more than 56 colour variations have been created. One might say that the blue British Shorthair is threatened, as the blue colour becomes more and more seldom. A typical fertile male British Shorthair weighs about 7-9 kg. and a female weighs about 5-6 kg.