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About LaChatte British Shorthair

The Blue Chesire Cat

About LaChatte British Shorthair

My name is Annette Jensen and I breed blue British Shorthair cats in the southern part of Denmark.

I grew up in Switzerland and California, among other places – in a home with cats of many different breeds, including Russian Blues, Chartreux, Bombay, Abyssinians and Egyptian Mau. Today, we live in our beautiful house in the Danish country side and the cats enjoy their two “volières” where they can roam free and enjoy the sun, if they wish.

The beginning

In 1987, I moved back to Denmark and brought with me, from the US, a beautiful Abyssinian – Alex. He soon needed some company, and after long consideration, our choice was a blue-cream British Shorthair. This in turn led to our first exhibition and along the way the first litter of kittens. This litter led to quite a few more! We now have the 4th. generation living with us. I have now been breeding British Shorthair cats for over 30 years.

We currently have 5 blue females and our sire, Diego Vom Werreatalstern, from Germany.

The cattery

The cats and the cattery is my hobby, and will always remain so. They are a part of our family life. They live together with us and have access to the entire house. This way, we ensure that our kittens are well balanced and used to the daily noise and bustle associated with a home with children.

Flot hankat - stor og selvsikker

All our cats are tested for the following:

Blood typeA
Dilute geneNegative
Longhair geneNegative

Our cats are vaccinated on a yearly basis with a vaccine covering (Feline Leukemia, Rhinotracheitis Calici, Panleukopenia and Chlamydia Psittaci) and Rabies.

My cats have been tested for both leukemia and FIV and HCM. Additionally, they have all been blood type tested. All my cats are blood type A. They have also been tested for long haired genes and dilute. They are not carriers of long haired genes.

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I am a member of TICA (The International Cat’s Association). I am also a member of LeCabri in France. Useful links

For the good of the cat

I am very strict in regards to whom I sell my kittens. I want, above all, to be reassured that my kittens are sold to good homes, whether they are to be used in a breeding program or not, and that they are given the best of care possible and a good loving home. I reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten to anyone, with whom I don’t feel comfortable or have any doubts as to the future welfare of my kittens.

Should you wish to have further information, you are most welcome to contact me by mail or by phone.

Kind regards